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Bella Hygiene: Review

Posted on the 02 November 2017 by Amreen Shaikh @Amu1312

One of the most important and crucial thing in a woman's life is personal hygiene. Menstruation and other personal hygiene matters, for a woman, are usually dealt with under wraps and in secret. But, that also prevents them from getting a detailed idea and knowledge about how to keep up with their personal hygiene.

This wondrous brand, Bella which also reflects and means Woman is an international identity when it comes to Women's Personal Hygiene. They are functional in India, USA, Poland, Australia, South Africa, to name a few. With their functionality and international presence, one can estimate and imagine how trustworthy and reliable this brand could be.

A few days back, Bella India sent me some of their personal hygiene products like Bella Panty Liners, Bella Deo Fresh Ultra L Sanitary Napkins, Bella Feminine Wash sachets, Bella Ideale Night Stay Dry Sanitary Napkins and Bella Cotton Buds.

Bella Hygiene: Review

The packaging was neat and the products came in very beautifully wrapped and soft plastic packaging. Each of Bella's products are made with utmost care and considering women, thus these are soft on the skin, effective and harmless.

Bella Panty Liners are breathable and equipped with Deo Fresh technology which makes it easy for one to use throughout the day without any discomfort.

Bella Hygiene: Review

Bella Ultra L Sanitary Napkins are breathable and with wings, thus suitable to use without discomfort during Menstruation.

Bella Feminine Wash has a pH 5-6 which is harmless on the skin and prevents irritation or discomfort in intimate area.

Bella Ideale Night Stay Dry Sanitary Napkins are ultra thin, stays dry for long thus preventing any discomfort, flexi-fit for ultimate freedom and equipped with advanced protection to prevent leakage and odor. Also, they are breathable which benefits the health of intimate area.

Bella Cotton Buds are made with 100% cotton and are soft and easy on the ears, thus protecting the skin of the ears.

I have found these products, personally useful and effective, harmless and comfortable. Thus, I'd strongly recommend my readers, followers and friends to do purchase them online.

How did you like the post? Do you plan to buy Bella products? Share your views in the comments section.

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