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Believe It Or Not

Posted on the 12 January 2015 by Lowell
Believe It Or Not

Believe It Or Not

(With apologies to Job, the Psalmist, and Ecclesiastes)
I sat upon the bedOf a shiny pickup truckAnd watched the People passing byA parade of homo sapiensHoping they wouldLive forever but knowingThey were Born to die.And I called God to accountI asked why he or she wasConspicuouslyInexplicablyMissing in our life's equation?Why, as the worldConvulses withHorrendous violenceIs he or sheDeafeningly silent?You can't, I said,Have Chosen Ones, theHolocaust showed us that!But do you careFor anyone?What about the childrenBeaten bloodyRaped and murderedBy your children in the bush?Or in Middle Eastern Desert lands where It's said you gaveBirth to laws and goodness But that too was a lieAs the Caananite womenAnd their kidsLearned to theirGreat sorrow.Or other humans inThose same lands - Iraq and Syria - who todayHang on with fingernailsChewed to the boneIn fear of horrors tooExplicit to describe In mere words.So where are you nowIf you weren't there before?It is perhaps better toNot believe than to beLeft with such aParadox of might And misery.Unless, of course it's All a lie and has alwaysBeen a lieThat you are nothingMore than a scrubbySemite's dream.But please stop laughingIt's not funny anymoreTo the people torturedKilled in your good nameEven in the USA - Where people prayTo you each dayAnd know that youWant them to sayThey trust in youOn signs andOn their money, too - Tortured people in theName of all that'sGood and right and...Godly.Righteousness definedAs water boardingBecause the swineDid not deserve toLive and we know thatYou will forgive asThis is the landYou founded with Our founders whoWere good ChristiansJust like you.So why do you desert usWhy hide your faceIn troubled timesWe don't know what to doYou've given us too littleInformation.And so we must concludeYou don't exist you'reJust a ghastly fictionAn apparition we no Longer need for weKnow how it all beganAnd it wasn't inThe desert sand And there isn't one Thing you can doTo heal our brokenHearts and lives And bring back allThose we have lostTo those who saidThey believed in you.
[Copyright © 2015 by Lowell A. Anderson.  All rights reserved.]

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