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By Saurabh2461986 @saurabhslounge

Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact
                                                                                                     -William James 
A lullaby sung by my heart A try for making a coalesce Joining the pieces held apart Just want to clear this mess
It emerged as a offering Needing to be settled No, no more suffering It had led to being nettled 
I laugh it out all over again The time of crying is over I shall bear no more pain These emotions I won't let hover
I guess it's quite suffice to adopt The fact was slowly drifting away Too much of it is now already cropped  I am holding the pieces that sway
The time has arrived inescapably I guess it will now be a relief I am feeling the wind complacently It will get better for sure, this is my belief!

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