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Being There…

By Psychicillumination @psychicdad

Last night, my son Isaac asked to borrow my bike helmet. When I asked him why, he told me because they would be riding bikes today at his school, which I found odd. Nevertheless, I let him do so.

This morning, I had forgotten to put snacks in my boys backpacks, so I went back to the school to drop the Cliff Bars at the office. Out on the running track, I could see Isaac and his class. The Teachers at his new school are very protective, but also understanding of parents. When I called out to Isaac to ask if he had his snack time yet, he shook his head ‘no’. He shoulders were slouched down and he looked very dejected.

The female coach approached me, asking if I was Isaac’s Dad and called him over. Isaac, having never owned a bike, could not safely ride it. She denied him the privilege of riding. The Coach told me that they weren’t teaching the kids to ride bikes today, but giving safety instructions. As I wrapped my arm around Isaac, he lowered his head on my shoulder and started sobbing. All of my children have suffered so much and been denied so many simple pleasures in life, because of divorce and broken relationships.

As I promised Isaac I’d get him a bicycle very soon, the Coach offered to bring one from home that her son had outgrown. We both tried to cheer Isaac up and I know he will be riding and having fun very soon.

I am thrilled that I listened to my intuition and went back to his school at that particular time, so I could be there for him.

Years from now, my boy will remember that I was there for him.

Thank God for intuition and for all my children. They are blessings from above. ♥

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