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Being Kind to Animals

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

Serial killers are psychopaths, without remorse or empathy. Before they “graduate” to killing humans, in their childhood or teens, serial killers are known to torture and kill small and, therefore, defenseless animals.

So, if you’re kind to animals, that means you have empathy. It is what makes you fully human.

Here are some examples of human kindness toward animals, whom St. Bonaventure correctly and aptly called “creatures without sin” for it is only we humans who are born as fommes peccati — tinder for sin.

  1. What two young men did to rescue a kitten:
    humans & animals1
  2. Two boys save a dog:

    humans & animals2

  3. A firefighter resuscitates a kitten:

    fireman resuscitates kitten

  4. Another fireman resuscitates a mama cat:

    humans & animals4

  5. This man built a ramp to his car for his dog who’s old with arthritis:

    humans & animals3

  6. Officers salute a heroic police dog:

    humans & animals5

  7. This man found a fox lying on the street, severely injured by dogs. With patience and love, the man nursed the fox back to life and named it Cropper. Cropper refused to go back to the wild and chose to stay with the man. The two have lived together for over six years:

    humans & animals6

  8. Dogs and cats are treated horribly in China, but not all Chinese are cruel. These dogs were in a truck, bound for slaughter, if it were not for an animal rescue center that stepped in and paid about $8,000 for the dogs:

    humans & animals7

  9. In Thailand, an elephant lost his foot and parts of its nose in a landmine. After a few months of recovery, he is fitted with a prosthetic leg:

    humans & animals8

  10. A girl saves a puppy from drowning:

    humans & animals9

  11. A Marine found 4 very small baby rabbits alone beside their lifeless mother in the woods. So he took the bunnies home, fed them until they were big and strong enough to be released back into the wild:

    humans & animals10

  12. A fire fighter gives water to a severely-dehydrated koala bear who survived a forest fire in Australia:

    humans & animals11

  13. Chris P. Bacon the piglet was born without his hind legs. So his owners made a wheelchair for him from K’Nex pieces:

    humans & animals12
    Source: AnimalMozo

More “Being kind to animals” tomorrow!

H/t FOTM’s josephbc69


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