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Being in a Funk

By Datewithcleo @datewcleo

“Funk” might as well be a four-letter word. Being in a funk is like being near death, emotionally- like anorexia for the soul.

This past week, Cleo herself was definitely in some type of funk. All I wanted to do was stare at the wall and not talk to anyone. Showering was almost too much effort. Pizza, hamburgers, and chocolate fro-yo were all I wanted to eat. The cause? Unknown. But as a natural-born analyzer, I have a theory.

1. There is a difference between being happy and choosing to be happy. Being happy comes naturally and effortlessly. Playing with a puppy, getting a massage, spending a light-hearted day with your lover, having girl time at the beach, or celebrating with great friends are all moments of easy happiness.

Being in a Funk

banana time!

Choosing to be happy is much different. It’s being excited for a job interview that you don’t care about. It’s smiling at work when you would rather be doing 100 different things. It’s not getting frustrated when you are forced to budget your money. It’s putting makeup on when you don’t care what you look like. It’s going to the gym instead of the bar.

Long periods of choosing to be happy are exhausting. I believe that is why happy hour was invented. I also believe that is one cause for my funk. I was tired of choosing happiness. Thus, I chose moody-loner-Grey’s Anatomy rerun watching- death stare giving- complaining Goddess (I am always a Goddess no matter what I do).

2. Lack of a quality love life equals less distractions. Being single is fine and dandy and I like it, but not having a crush gets boring (currently accepting applications). It means that there are more moments where I am focused on my own life and responsibilities and less moments floating in a purple cloud of romantic fantasies.

Alright so, we are in a funk. Now what? Sometimes, it is best just to embrace it. Go all out! Be funky. Take time to rest, be alone, and think (or not think).

When you decide that you have had enough funk, get out of it. How?

Surround yourself with effortless happiness. Tell a good friend that you don’t feel like yourself and maybe he or she will cheer you up, take you out, feed you, pet you, or make you laugh. Go to happy hour in the afternoon. Go to an event where you can meet new people. Work out, hard. Buy new clothes. Go to the spa. Lie in bed all day and order in food. Go on a weekend getaway. Find a crush. Make out.

Being in a Funk

Gradually, the effortless happiness will give you the strength to choose happiness again. It is the circle of life.

As a “being in a funk” survivor, I can tell you that bouncing back is not only possible, but inevitable. As with anything in life, if you learn from it, then it is not time wasted… and what is better than learning more about yourself!

Wishing you all a funk-free Friday,



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