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Being Fake Is Too Much Work

By Rolala @rolalaloves
Being real, Being real vs. being fake, It's too hard to be fake
I don't think I have what it takes to be fake because it involves too much work. I've done the pretending to be fine or happy when I'm not to get through certain situations as I'm sure we all have but that's my limit. It would be too oppressive and tiring to have to pretend that I live a certain type of lifestyle and like things that I don't.  I once knew someone who was a compulsive liar/narcissist and it just seemed so exhausting. I mean to have to constantly come up with lies and then trying to keep all your lies straight. This person also liked to take photos of herself and and apply all sorts of filters and then say that she never used filters, she just knew how to angle her camera (yeah right!) And she also liked to act like she was some sort of jet setter and passed off photos she would find on Google as her own. It was actually pretty sad because her issues probably went beyond just being attention thirsty to something mental. She may have thought she was actually fooling people just because no one cares enough to call her out.

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