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Being Equipped to Look After Yourself

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum
Being equipped to look after yourself


Life is demanding of your time, mental capabilities and emotions. Having children and dealing with everything involved in keeping them in shape, running a family home and having a job to hold down and to perform successfully, particularly given the job market at the moment and the number of people willing to step into any void, can take it’s toll on your mental health.  It is important to recognize the early signs of stress and depression, as preventative measures are more effective than curing a firmly engrained condition.

Taking a moment each day to reflect on what needs to be accomplished, what is a necessity and what can wait or be shared with other members of the household will keep you focused on making sure that the bills are paid, the essentials shopped for, the PE kits and uniforms ready, and that you are fit for your job. Older children can help parents with chores and it will do you good to let go a little and be happy with the slightly less than perfect washing up, or the loaf of bread that comes back a little misshapen, between the tins of beans, in the shopping. Children need to be given tasks to prepare them for life as a grown up and the responsibility it entails.

During that moment you take, check yourself out and make sure you are coping. If depression has been part of your family history, you should recognize the signs that are more than just day to day stress, escalating into a feeling of being unable to cope.  Medication such as anti-depressants or perhaps even a herbal variation have been proved helpful for some, and particularly for a short term fix when the problem is a chemical imbalance.  For some, the problem is deep seated and lies in behaviours and patterns, often going back to childhood. For more deeply rooted problems, relieving depression through a combination of medication and alternative therapy could be the answer.  While the medication tackles the chemical problems, hypnotherapy or cognitive behavioural therapy will help in addressing the underlying confidence issues or help to change the way a person reacts to stress and difficulties by teaching coping mechanisms.

Knowing that there are different ways proven to treat depression is a comfort to those seeking alternatives to conventional medicine. The Therapy Lounge offering hypnotherapy based in London, can help with uncovering and treating the root cause of depression, which is often linked to emotional reactions and negative thinking patterns. Dealing with the way you react to daily occurrences will help with stopping any downward spiral not depression. During sessions that are almost like daydreaming, you will address underlying issues and be provided with coping mechanisms to avoid depression episodes.

Taking responsibility for your own health, and being aware of how finely tuned your mind and body is, allows you keep on top of both mental and physical health. Knowing that fatty, sugary foods will have an adverse effect n your body, or that alcohol will cause you to have a hangover is exactly the same as being mindful of the amount of stress you put yourself under, as overloading will cause anxiety, leading to depression. Just as you would avoid that extra glass of wine, just ask for help with all those elements that add stress to your life.

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