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Being Bold

By Paolabuitrago @PaolaKassa


At the beginning of the summer I wanted to do something that would help me grow. I was feeling anxious, but mostly restless. So, I put a plan in motion. I wanted to do something that scared me every day. Now, at first I wrote it down, but after 2 weeks of dates and days of the week I lost interest. They say it takes 28 days to make a habit, and who 'they' are I'm not sure, but I trust them. So, I kind of gave up. BUT when I realized I had fallen off track, I decided to continue on with this idea in my life. Even if I'm not writing it down. During those 2 weeks I did things I never would have done - because it was on my mind! I think being courageous can open up your life to new experiences you never would have thought of having. Bravery doesn't always have to be something big either. It can be something as simple as going to a museum by yourself, or making a phone call. It's all about what seems bold to you!

Making this change in your life to be a bolder person can help you soooo much. Don't knock it until you try it! If I hadn't started this pact with myself, I never would have registered to vote, hung out with people sans-makeup, or went to sand dunes! (Which was regrettable/insane but actually one of my best memories from this summer).


I hope you decide to be bold!


Paola Kassa

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