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Being a Nobody (is an Easy Problem to Fix)

By Stacylrust

Sometimes we invent stories in our heads about why things aren’t working out.

It’s that ugly website…

I don’t have enough experience…

My products and services need tweaking…

I need to demonstrate more credibility…

I need a sharper sales pitch…

My copywriting stinks…

I should hop on that new social media train…

You convince yourself, “THAT’S the reason business is slow”.

But, then you hear a story about someone who has an ugly website (or, no website at all), fewer credentials than you, with less experience than you, who is making it BIG seemingly overnight. And, you think, “%&*$!!!!! Why her and not me!?”

Why did SHE get the job?!

Why does SHE have so many customers?!

Why does everyone read HER blog?!

It’s not the website, or the sales pitch, or the copywriting.

That’s not why you struggle.

The reason you struggle is because you are a “nobody” in your industry.

I know… It SUCKS to hear that.

Being a “nobody” might be one of the worst feelings in the world.

Middle school taught us the pain of being invisible.

It’s so painful that most people avoid that reality.

They plug their ears, close their eyes, and holler “lalalala” to avoid the harsh realization that they are a “nobody” in their field.

They focus on EVERYTHING else, because they don’t want to face that fact.

But, the good news is that it’s an EASY problem to fix.


And, now that you know you have that problem.

You can fix it. Fast.

And, you can stop making incorrect assumptions about the quality of your work.

Because, you actually don’t have a lot of problems.

You don’t have a huge to-do list.

You don’t have to learn ANYTHING new.

You have one, and only one, objective.

Meet more people.

In whatever way you want.

IT DOES NOT MATTER how you choose to do this.

Just meet more people.

Make friends.

Chat with some new folks.

And, I don’t just mean “networking”. Going to events, doling out business cards, spewing sales pitch after sales pitch.

Events are a great way to meet like-minded people, people who would be interested in your work, but these places are not the only places to build a solid network.

Book clubs, volunteering, community functions, intramural sports, yoga class… these are all great places to meet new friends.

So just start chatting with new people, about ANYTHING you want.

Just make friends.

Do things you enjoy, and interact with the folks you meet along the way.

Your work will naturally come up in conversation.

And, when it does, talk about your expertise as you would to a friend.

Show people your enthusiasm.

Make genuine friends.

That’s all you have to do.

The other stuff just doesn’t matter.

The website, the second degree, the hours of training, that new social media platform…. It’s minutia.

The ONLY reason you’re struggling is because not enough people know you.

The reason SHE is doing so well is simply that she knows a LOT of people.

That’s it.

That’s the only difference between you and her.

This is your number one problem (and most likely your only problem).

Your first priority.

Make friends. A LOT of them.

Focus solely on this for now… it’s what will make the biggest difference. The rest can wait.

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