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A couple months ago, we reclaimed this chest of drawers for next to nothing.  Well, for nothing.  It was a great find considering it's solid wood, but was missing much of its' hardware and the ugly cream paint was chipped and old.  Neither of us have ever redone a piece of furniture, so we were a little intimidated.  We finally got around to refinishing it last week, and couldn't believe we didn't do it sooner.  It was a breeze and I'm so proud of the end result!  Here's how we did it. 

We removed the drawers, took it outside, and put it on a plastic sheet.


Then I took a medium-grain sand block to the entire thing while boyfriend removed what was left of the old hardware from the drawer-fronts.


I cleaned it off after sanding, then painted it with a semi-gloss paint in black.  It took three coats to cover the white, but we chose a fast-drying paint so it didn't take too long.

After drying, boyfriend added the new brushed silver knobs.  The two original keyhole pieces were still on there, so I cleaned them off and gave them a quick spray of brushed silver spraypaint to match the knobs.



And voilà!  A new (to us) dresser for a few hours of work and about $40.

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