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Beer In Space

By Gerard @presurfer
Beer In Space
Thirsty Swagman, a company from Australia, provides real and exciting alternatives to sightseeing travel for those who enjoy a good night out. Now they want to take you into space.
To drink a beer!
Never in the history of humanity has such a giant leap been made possible. To drink a beer in space. At 300,000 feet in zero gravity, you'll see the world through the bottom of your glass. Travel to the edge of the atmosphere at over 3 times the speed of sound. Go down in history as the first humans ever to consume beer in space.
You'll pass through the Kármán line, the official height of space at 100 kilometers/62 miles altitude where you'll be weightless for 5–10 minutes, with a view that will simply take your breath away. The beer you'll drink has been specifically brewed for consumption in space, and is officially certified as space beer.
(thanks Naden)The Presurfer

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