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Bedding Through the Centuries

By Bonsoni.com @bonsoni

Bedding through the centuriesLong leaves the centuries has changed dramatically. Start looking with an average Roman bed. These are very simple frames bed made of wood or iron. When Roman was rich, he would have their skin covered with exotic creatures bed. When a Roman couple were rich sleep in separate beds, while the poor masses slept two or more.
With the fall of Rome, the splendid rooms have become a thing of the past and the rooms of most families Saxons and Vikings were simple rooms, one bedroom apartment. These warriors were sleeping on nothing more than hard benches and wooden plank. Even your bedding were made of leaves and straw. The poor were also beds of straw and leaves in the Middle Ages. The rich upper class had included beds, bedding and actual mattress. During this time, the first bed curtains hanging under the top of the poster were. That was more to protect the occupants of the bed of the elements and vermin.

The ideal medieval bed moved made locally. would travel as Lord and Lady, she would travel with her bed as time rolled Tudor age, many people could afford the normal framed beds. Even made of boards and hardboard, these beds were more accessible to the public. They began in the appearance of the beds we have today. However, building a Tudor bed was rather poor. Held jointly with no more tension cables should be replaced if they are curious about the use of these cables.

As Stuart beds and Georgia reached an improved design. The French had added the idea of ​​a quilt. These beds are made of finely carved wood and attached to each other, without using cables.

Through the years they came and went from Victoria came to. These beds were the first bed frame iron entirely. Sometimes they assembled and welded together Victorian beds and tables decorated with huge steps decorated heads. In addition to a case in which the mattress is placed.
Today our beds are available for most metals, plastic or wood. Our mattresses are encased in plastic covers and silk sheets sports and other expensive materials.

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