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Become a Beautytainer with Tyra’s New Makeup Line

By Girlratesworld @girlratesworld
Become a Beautytainer with Tyra’s New Makeup Line

Tyra is taking the smize to a whole new level. The American Top Model is now creating her own makeup line and opening the doors to her business to all of us – the beautytainer. The Tyra line will be sold as a multilevel marketing business like Mary Kay and Avon. Well I’m already raising and waving my hand like a kid in 5th grade….Oh, Oh, Pick Me!

Wanna Make Money with Tyra?

As a H-U-G-E Tyra Banks fan…I mean I can’t stress how huge that huge is. Just put it this way. I’ve gotten into arguments with people who have tried to talk smack about her. I just wouldn’t have it! So I literally rushed over to her website,, to look up more information on becoming a beautytainer. That’s the name of the sellers in her direct marketing and selling business.

Seeking Beautytainers

There is little information on the business at the moment. Nothing is listed on the requirements to join or the commission split. There is basically a list of questions (about seven or eight) and a place to enter your email and contact information. So I’m not sure just how ready Tyra is for her beautytainers right now. But I will be keeping an eye on it. It will be an entry level or ground level opportunity – which is always good for any MLM businesses.

Become a Beautytainer with Tyra’s New Makeup Line
image: fortunelivemedia

“What is smize? It is Tyra’s smiling eyes trademark that she teaches on America’s Top Model. Tyra Banks has started selling her line on HSN. She will also extend the opportunity to moms, students and entrepreneurs who want to make money selling makeup. It will be a direct marketing business like Avon and Mary Kay.”

Smize to the Banks

I will be interested to see more info on the pricing and commission structure. {You know a girl gots to get paid LOL! }. I’m pretty sure the cosmetics will be great. Tyra is an expert in makeup and makeovers – hello, you watch Americas Top Model. Thought I’d share this new opp. If you want to learn more, head to Tyra’s website and click on “Join Us”. It will be a chance to own your own makeup and cosmetics business so you can possibly smize all the way to the Banks.


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