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By Shimmerofpink @shimmerofpink
Hellooo shimmers,
I thought today I would share with you my top 10 beauty tips. As a disclaimer this is just what I do and not necessarily something you need to do but feel to try some of them :)
1. Whiter nail tips- A small bowl of warm water and lemon juice. (like squeeze a lemon not like carton juice!) and put your fingers in the bowl for 30 secs two or three times a week.
2. Luscious hair- use a hair conditioner mask type thing once a week. A conditioner that you leave in your hair for 5/10 minutes and that helps to keep year hair looking and feeling healthy. I recommend the herbal essence ones they come in a little tub as well as normal conditioner.
3. Exfoliate- a scrub brush/ sponge is always worth while to have. I have a little bit of rough skin on my arms do exfoliating in the shower or bath helps to reduce this roughness along with moisturisers.
4. Routine- have a face cleansing routine, removal of makeup, face wash/scrub, toner, moisturiser etc and keep it constant to help improve your skin with things like spots, blackheads and blemishes.
5. Bigger Eyes- using a white eyeliner on your bottom waterlobne helps to give the illusion of bigger brighter eyes where as dark liners make eyes look smaller and smoky. So for big go white!
6. Waxing- waxing your legs, bikini and other areas (sounds a bit dirty!!) will give you a much better feel and will last longer than if you just use a razor although it is cheaper.
7. Big and small lips- to make your lips look bigger and fuller use a lip liner and fill in your lips in deeper colours. To make them look smaller put a darker color in the center of your lips and lighter around the edges using no lip liner to give the effect of thinner smaller lips. Play around with colours to find one that best suits you.
8. Piercings- if you have piercings make sure you keep them and the studs clean. Especially if they are lying about make sure to clean them before putting them into the piercing which seems like common sense but a lot of people don't do it :/
9. Clean Hands- hand gels.. Antibacterial hand wash is a mist have I always carry one around to use before eating or if I'm out and about and my hands are sticky or I've been petting animal etc. it's a great way to keep clean and stop the spread of germs especially if you are like me in a school with 1800 pupils thats a whole lot of germs!
10. My last and final tip... Experiment- I get asked what colours suit my skin tone... Experiment try out eyeshadow colours blushes if it doesnt work you can take it off. Wearing makeup is fun and shouldn't be a chore or hard work. Just take a few minutes and try out different shades textures products and determine which ones best suit you.
What are your tips leave them below :)
Laura xx
Ps below the posts at the bottom of the page is a poll to see what you would like me to do more posts on. Also comment any requests as I will be happy to give them ago :) xx

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