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Beauty Regimes To Think About All Year Round*

By Hollysbeautybox @hollysbeautybox

Beauty Regimes To Think About All Year Round* Image source - Pixabay - CC0 License
Laser hair removal
With the sun hopefully shining right now, there is no doubt that we start to think about more appropriate fashion choices. This might mean things like summery dresses and skirts. So it’s only natural that we think about hair removal. Especially with our legs on show. Some women tend to stick with the old favorites like waxing or shaving, but there is something new to consider. Laser Hair removal is a more permanent hair loss and can be a real investment. Not everyone wants to be grabbing a shaver every few days or booking for waxing appointments. This can be a great suggestion all year round, even in the winter months.
Dental work
With a positive mindset you can start to focus more on how you feel and smiling more often can be a great way to feel good. But many of us have wonky teeth that have stains from coffee and too much red wine. No matter how much we visit a hygienist or trying whitening toothpaste. This is when you may want to invest in dental work or consider a professional teeth whitening treatment to improve the way they look. They will be able to reshape and contour your teeth to create a winning smile. It is worth considering. A smile and good dental work can give you a boost in confidence and self esteem.
Apply a good fake tan
We all know that sunbathing too much for that perfect tan can be bad for our skin. It’s always best to wear a high SPF protection when out in the sun. But you could fake it all the way with a good fake tan and this can be something you use all year round. This means you protect yourself and still look good. A well applied tan can make any outfit look amazing. If you don’t have the confidence to do it yourself, many salons will offer spray tans or applications.
Tackle the shine
There is no doubt that we can all get a little sweaty every now and again. Especially around your face. So make sure you do your best to tackle that shine by using oil free cleansers and facial washes. Also during the day, you can consider using a powder or bronzer instead of your usual foundation. You will look and feel much better.
Embrace your natural curls
There is a new trend called the curly girl method where you start to embrace your hair in its more natural from. It means you use less heat products like curlers or straighteners, and you can try different methods to help accentuate the natural curls that your hair may have. There is more information online if you want to try it.
Let’s hope these beauty tips help you all year round.
This is a collaborative piece.

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