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Beauty | Nip + Fab Makeup First Impressions

By Megan Lillie @meganjanelillie
A blog post about Nip + Fab Makeup productsA blog post about Nip + Fab Makeup productsA blog post about Nip + Fab Makeup productsA blog post about Nip + Fab Makeup productsA blog post about Nip + Fab Makeup productsA blog post about Nip + Fab Makeup productsIt can be dangerous territory when a skincare brand branches into makeup. Can they break through the expectations and bring out a bomb-ass line of cosmetics?
Let's give the new Nip + Fab makeup products a whirl and see how they play out, shall we? The packaging is cute, nothing fancy, dancy, very monochrome - I like it. Prices range from £5.95 to £15, so kind of similar to your regular high street stand makeup brands.
There is quite a lot on offer throughout the whole range - foundations, concealers, palettes for both eyes and cheek, lip products. They have really not shied away from the range, releasing everything in one huge go.
The first products that I was really intrigued in trying were the Colour Correctors (£8.95) as I have never really delved too much into them before. I just haven't really bought into that hype.
I'm super prone to red skin, especially on my nose and cheeks so I immediately grabbed that little green tube. I also tried the orange one under my eyes as that counteracts dull skin, and is supposed to be especially useful underneath the ol' eye bags.
The formula is really thin but definitely covering. It takes some buffing into the skin so there is a slight color still there before you add foundation over. I would definitely say that these only work with a medium-full coverage foundation to ensure that all the color is covered and nothing shows through.
I find the foundation bottles a little bit strange. They remind me of paint, for some reason. I was drawn to the White Light Mixer (£12.95) first to lighten up some of my favorite foundations. It works really well, a few drops and it's like you've bought a completely different shade. Impressed, guys. Imp-ressed.
I'm hoping the darker alternative will work a treat in the opposite way when I have got a bit of a tan too!
The Contour Palette (£13) is one of my favourites in the range. I'm always a bit skeptical about palettes as shades can often be on the orange side of life, but YAY, this one isn't! I never seem to get much use out of the lighter shades in a palette like this. It's usually just the actual bronze (darker) shades I'm interested in.
I would use the lighter shades to set my highlighting concealer but I much prefer a loose powder to do this. SHAME.
The Highlight Palette (£13) is a little bit of a hit but more of a miss. It's basically the contour palette with shimmer, which I'm not gonna lie, is crap. I've only used the lighter shades as the darker ones wouldn't really suit my skin tone.
The formulation is a little bit rubbish. It gives a little bit of a shimmer to the skin but nothing to wow over. It's just, alright.
BUT, all is not lost...
I'm a complete Liquid Lipstick (£7.95) convert after I fell in love with these Lime Crime Beauties. These offerings from Nip + Fab are great, not fantastic, but great! They mattify almost instantly and give great color payoff in a couple of swipes.
The only negative I would give is that the edges need to be evenly dispersed otherwise it dries quite thick and looks a lil bit on the strange side.
So some great products in the range, others lack a little bit of somethin-somethin.
Megan. xo
*All these goodies were provided by The Baltic, opinions are still my own. Please read my disclaimer here for further information*

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