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Beauty | Is Glamglow Worth The Hype?

By Megan Lillie @meganjanelillie
A blog post reviewing the Glamglow PowerMud Dualcleanse Treatment.A blog post reviewing the Glamglow PowerMud Dualcleanse Treatment.A blog post reviewing the Glamglow PowerMud Dualcleanse Treatment.There are those brands that you always come across that make your eyebrows rise and ask yourself 'But, can it really be that good?!'.
Glamglow. I see you. I see you everywhere.
Decorating people's faces in metallic blue or silver, I'm always like 'but what is your mask actually doing?'. 
Well today guys, I'll tell you my thoughts. Because the lovely people over at GG HQ dropped a little parcel off on my doorstep a few weeks back and I've finally tried it enough times to give a good old school review. (REMEMBER THEM?)
So Glamglow currently has six 'treatment' muds (masks) in their collection, each aiming to do something a little bit different.
You got dehydrated skin? They got you. Dull skin? They got you. Any more skin concerns? YUP. THEY GOT YA.
In this case, we're talking about the little green tub of the Powermud Dualcleanse Treatment (£39). The perfect solution for getting rid of that weekly build up of stress and worry from work.
This particular treatment prides itself on its multi-cleansing experience with a combination of mud and oil, or rather the transition from mud to oil!
The treatment is only to be left on for 10 minutes, but the results feel like you've flew all the way to Bali for a 45-minute facial. (I REALLY DO WISH).
With it being multi-cleansing, I usually like to multi-task whilst it's on. I'll wash a few of my makeup brushes or grab that Dyson and whizz around my house for a quick clean up. Just to pass the time.
But maybe this is where I'm going wrong? Maybe I need to take that 10 minutes to do sweet FA.
*Note to self - do sweet FA for those 10 minutes in future*
The mask can be applied quite thinly (make that pot last longer yo) and is of a gray consistency with small beads that don't irritate the skin. The mask essentially removes dirt, excess oil and all that other lovely gunk but without drying the face thanks to the Mud to Oil formulation.
The Oilixer included in the mud ensures that the necessary oils are absorbed back into the skin to give a bloomin' great level of moisturisation despite the mud. An absolute win-win situation for us dry skin gals who need aaaaaaaall that moisture we can get.
I'm diggin' it guys, I'm diggin' it. & it's made me want to try more of their treatments.
So to answer that big ol' question up there; Is GlamGlow worth the hype? Although I can only speak for this treatment as a first impression - yes!
They are not the most cost-friendly treatment on the market, but if you fancy investing in a treatment as just that, a 'treat', then GlamGlow is a brilliant option.
Give me that blue metallic face any day!
Megan. xo
*All these goodies were provided by The Baltic, opinions are still my own. Please read my disclaimer here for further information*

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