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Beauty as Connection, Not Competition

By Janehspark

One of the things I love most about Julep is that we see beauty as a way to connect.  Beauty should be about connection, not competition.

This morning I was thinking about this as I was getting dressed – the necklace I chose reminded me of the way Amy is so great at accessorizing, my pony tail today was almost as good as Erica’s always is, and I wondered if Susie was going to show up wearing the same Banana Republic dress I was wearing.

Beauty and fashion are a great way to engage with the world and in a conversation with other women. 

I can honestly say that I’ve never once thought of what my husband would think about an article of clothing.  He may comment if I’m wearing something inside out or with a ginormous stain.  The only part of my fashion sense he seems to care about is the impact on our credit card bill.

The most fun thing about nail color is how it can spark conversations between women and connections with the world.  I love that wearing our smokey blue “Amy” reminds me of our Amy Shockman, and Kate’s sister Amy, and how much I love my sisters.  It also reminds me of the snapshot of the same colored mini-cooper that Kate took on her “babymoon” to Mexico last year, which reminds me of how deliciously beautiful her son Gray is and how exciting it is to see her and Ripley become parents.  Which again reminds me of my sister Alice and her daughter Zoey . . .

When I make an effort in my appearance, I do it because it is fun for me, and as a way to honor and pay respect to the women I’m about to see.  It’s like putting on your Sunday best.

But the reverse isn’t true – please don’t take it as a sign of disrespect, lovely ladies in my life, when I run to the grocery store in PJs with last night’s eyeliner smudged across my face.  That’s just what I would be like all the time without you.

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