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Beautiful Inside and Out!

Posted on the 13 March 2012 by Travelingdivas

teresa_scanlan.jpgPhoto Courtesy of: Facebook

HOLLYWOODImagine if every move of your life was being photographed or videotaped and people made disturbing, incorrect assumptions about your life. In this society, we all live under surveillance. Everyone’s move could be captured by cameras, whether shopping in the grocery store or driving down the freeway. No wonder celebrities just go into overload; if it goes on long enough, anyone could have a meltdown. You begin to wonder who your true friends are and who is selling your stories to the tabloids.

Sometimes celebrities just want some alone time; however, they just keep on pushing and no one seems to step up to the plate to help them get a grip on reality. As they wander around, and reality doesn’t feel “real” anymore, they slip into a daze. Could this have happened to Britney, Lindsay, the late Anna Nicole Smith, even the late Whitney Houston? No one really knows what’s inside their personal worlds. They have it all: beauty, money and looks.

True beauty is not just that which is seen but is both inside and out. Being beautiful inside and out means that values also go hand in hand as a subtext to the soul’s and spirit’s intent. One of the many qualities found in the former Miss America 2011, Teresa Scanlan. Miss Scanlan, 18, is absolutely gorgeous and a genuine person who truly cares about people and is mature beyond her age. At a press conference, the week before handing over her crown, Teresa decided to give all the contestants a gift: stones from her crown. Canyon News had the pleasure of speaking with the former Miss America:

CN: “What are your plans now and for the near future?”

TS: “I’ll be continuing my appearances, speaking and traveling circuit. I have been on the road nonstop. I’m at the airport right now. That will continue till I start college in August. I’ll be studying Government at Patrick Henry College in Virginia... I’ll be focusing on school for the next couple of years. Then I plan on attending law school for criminal prosecution.”

CN: ”Will you continue to travel and visit the states that you didn’t visit while being Miss America, 2011?”

TS: “I certainly hope so. I got to 37 states, [and am] hoping to get to the rest by the end of the year so that’s my new goal.”

CN: “Are you planning on writing a book based on your experiences during your reign?”

TS: ”I would really, really like to. I have to continue getting some feedback from other people on what‘s more effective and helpful to people. There are so many options and angles. I would definitely love to write about my grandparents story back in Croatia. This summer, I’m planning on going to Croatia, interviewing some of my relatives. That would maybe be the first installment, and than [I would] take it from there.”

CN: "Any advice for women interested in competing in beauty pageants?”

TS: “The Miss America organization is always the best way to prepare, to really focus... The scholarship of success. That will make you most successful in any competition. Just to focus on being a well-rounded individual, it will make you most successful to continue to grow in different aspects.”

CN: ”They have a reality show 'Toddlers and Tiaras.' How do you feel about girls that young competing in pageants?”

TS: “ I think at that age it's most important, to be having fun, exploring your passions, talents and interests, and being the person you want to be, before you're in a competitive atmosphere like that. You’ll have the opportunity when you're older to make that decision for yourself. You’ll have the opportunity to showcase all those things you have been working on throughout your life. I know at that age, I was just finding out what I was good at, what I enjoyed, and who I was as a person.”

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