Beautiful Destinations to Visit in Bali for Honeymoon in 2019

Posted on the 19 September 2019 by Sharp Holidays

Beautiful Destinations to Visit in Bali for Honeymoon in 2019
Are planning for beautiful places to visit in Bali for honeymoon in 2019 with your loved ones? Then why are you waiting for just plan a honeymoon trip on a budget with your better half. At this moment you are getting a little confused with the places where to visit to get the romantic vibes in Bali.  Bali is famous for Beautiful view and greenish landscape with rainbow in monsoon season. It is one of the best honeymoon destinations for couples to get the romantic vibes from beautiful places. Without waiting, just ready to explore best places in Bali.
Top 5 Travel Places in Bali
Here’s Bali places to visit during the trip to make a memorable one. And if you are getting confused about the place and thinking about where to go in Bali then this post is for you. Thus, read it to get the information from where to stay in Bali to best travel places in Bali with your loved one. 
1. Nusa Penida
Beautiful Destinations to Visit in Bali for Honeymoon in 2019
If you want to travel to the places which are famous for unspoilt nature. Then this place is a must to visit with your loved ones to get the nature vibe and chilling your mind. Nusa Penida is the islands located in Bali but separated by Badung Strait. It is the best place for photogenic person as the view is just amazing it is like paradise to eyes.
You will also get a chance to see the high cliffs blanketed by green foliage. Away from the shoot of tourists, the island does not have many options in terms of accommodations. And eateries which is why it is ideal for an uninterrupted rendezvous with nature. And you can sit there for a long time to enjoy with your better half.
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2. Tukad Cepung Waterfall
Beautiful Destinations to Visit in Bali for Honeymoon in 2019
This place is a must visit in your Bali honeymoon package trip to click some amazing pictures with your loved ones. The waterfall is located in between the high gorges from all sides which makes it more different and beautiful for visitors. But you will see the crowd if you went there after 1 pm. So, it is better to be there after 10 pm to chill out more without getting irritated with the crowd.  
3. Sunset Dinner Cruise 
Beautiful Destinations to Visit in Bali for Honeymoon in 2019
An ultimately romantic affair meant to be experienced by all couples visiting Bali, Sunset Dinner Cruise is an essential part of any Bali itinerary. This delightful activity blesses one’s eyes with surreal sunset scenes in addition to satisfying one’s appetite with palatable global as well as local delicacies.
The lovely setting and the pleasant atmosphere will give you the best memories of your trip while the delicious International buffet dinner will treat your taste buds with the best of taste. Whether you are traveling with your life partner or your family, click lots of pictures, enjoy onboard entertainment and smile a little more – this is a great opportunity to cherish togetherness.
4. Sunrise from Mount Batur
Beautiful Destinations to Visit in Bali for Honeymoon in 2019
Last but not the least on the list of things honeymooners can do in Bali to get the haven feel is to go on a sunrise trek to Mount Batur. The active volcano is a popular spot for hikers and trekkers eager to catch the first rays of the sun and view spectacular Lake Batur. You can also make your way down to the shore and visit the hot springs and Ulun Danu Batur temple. Head to the viewpoint of penelokan for even more sweeping panoramic vistas. You can visit between May to July as it is the Bali best time to visit to explore more.
Bali is a perfect destination to making it the perfect honeymooners place. And surprise you with full of beautiful places and pleasant view. Plan your Bali honeymoon package from India and begin your married journey as it gives you and your loved one a million ways to express and experience the different flavours of love.

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