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Beating the Blight

By Mwillis
Several of my tomato plants are now quite severely affected by blight, so to avoid losing their fruit, I picked 7.6 kilograms of tomatoes today. Most of them were not ripe, though some of them are not far off. I think they will probably all ripen OK indoors.
Beating the blight
I gave all of them a good wash in water to which I added a tiny amount of washing-up liquid. I'm hoping this might wash away some of the blight spores.
The recent additions have now joined the ones I picked last weekend, positioned next to the sliding glass door that opens out onto the garden. This is a place where they will get a few hours of direct sunlight each day. I have at least 10.5 kilograms of fruit here now.
Beating the blight
Their position is just an arm's length or so from my favorite chair where I sit to write my blog, so I can watch them ripen. I'm not joking, either, it's amazing how quickly the color changes once they come into the warmth.
Beating the blight
There is still a significant amount of fruit on some plants outside too. I have left the "Ferline" and "Crimson Crush" ones, because these are blight-resistant varieties. The "Possena del Vesuvio" and "Cherokee Purple" ones seem unaffected too, so I will leave them a little longer, but keep a close eye on them. I reckon there will be at least another 3 kgs of fruit.
It has been a difficult year for tomatoes, but the harvest has been pretty respectable, all things considered. I lost a few of the early fruit to Blossom End Rot, and I felt that many of the plants didn't set as much fruit as the number of flowers they produced might have suggested, but overall I think I'm happy with the results. The tomato is not an easy vegetable to grow - a real challenge sometimes - but it's very rewarding when things work out well!
P.S. I don't normally mention things like this on my blog, but today is my wedding anniversary. Jane and I have been married 38 years now, and I am absolutely sure I made the right choice of life-partner. Still love her as much as I did back in 1977!

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