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Bean Bag Bazaar ICON™ Kenai Faux Fur Adult Bean Bag Review … and #giveaway

By Newmummyblog @newmummyblog
Bean Bazaar ICON™ Kenai Faux Adult Review #giveawayBean Bag Bazaar ICON™ Kenai Faux Fur adult Bean Bag Review … and #giveaway

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We've been very kindly sent the most gorgeous, snuggliest adult sized faux fur bean bag to review from Bean Bag Bazaar, and the fab news is, there is also one for you to win! When Bean Bag Bazaar got in touch asking if we'd like to do review and giveaway it was a no brainer, I jumped at the chance. It was actually a really hard to choose just one bean bag they have so many! There are indoor and outdoor beanbags, velvet chair bean bags, faux fur, retro cord, faux leather gaming chair bean bags... I decided the faux fur ones looked perfect for relaxing in, and snuggly on these winter evenings... but then had to choose from all the types and colours... Mongolian faux fur, Kenai faux fur, Hacienda faux fur...

I chose a Kenai faux fur bean bag in Arctic wolf, as they just looked so snuggly and soft and the grey tones looked like they'd be perfect in any room. So far it's been a staple in the living room, and also looks perfect in the playroom. We don't have any seating in the playroom, so I can see we'll either get another beanbag for in here, or, it'll move back and forth!

Bean Bazaar ICON™ Kenai Faux Adult Review #giveaway
Bean Bag Bazaar ICON™ Kenai Faux Fur adult Bean Bag Review … and #giveaway

It was perfect for H this morning, to snuggle on half asleep. Actually, when it arrived she wanted to sleep on it instead of her bed.

I mean, seriously she could have! Look at the size of it!!

Bean Bazaar ICON™ Kenai Faux Adult Review #giveaway
Bean Bag Bazaar ICON™ Kenai Faux Fur adult Bean Bag Review … and #giveaway

As you can see, from the pictures on the website it really is adult sized... we were a bit shocked at just how big it is.

Bean Bazaar ICON™ Kenai Faux Adult Review #giveaway
Bean Bag Bazaar ICON™ Kenai Faux Fur adult Bean Bag Review … and #giveaway

Now I remember my old childhood Forever Friends beanbag and this is in a whole other level of bean bag... It's huge (it is adult size), but it's so soft and it looks just a tad more stylish. It's hit and miss as to if 8 year old me would agree which is best... and perhaps the super soft giant faux fur bean bag would win as I could have actually slept on it just as H is trying to do.


Our bean bag arrived quickly and in a huge brown box. It wasn't at all obvious what the box was, so this is great for Christmas presents! Packing wise, it wasn't in any plastic, only this cardboard box, so I think it's best to make sure the package is put somewhere dry if you aren't in when it arrives.

A bit about the ICON Kenai Faux Fur Bean Bag

Bean Bag Bazaar say it's their most luxurious bean bag with a touch of style and sophistication. The high quality bead inside the bean bag "has insulating properties, helping the seat feel warm and cosy, especially with its thick, hand-picked faux fur fabric cover."

Size wise, Bean Bag Bazaar lists it as 80 cm wide, but 85 cm deep, 50cm high, with a seat height of 30 cm. The box ours arrived in was: 60cm x 60cm x 60 cm high, and it filled the whole box.

Review Verdict

Firstly, I'd like another one... so that pretty much sums it up. The bag seems thick and substantial, much better than the bean bag I had in the early 90's! It's a much better size, really suitable for all the family, and both B and H can sit/lie on it together quite comfortably.

Win a faux fur bean bag from Bean Bag Bazaar

Win ICON Kenai faux fur Arctic Wolf bean bag from Bean Bag Bazaar

See T&C's... And good luck!!

Disclaimer: We were sent this bean bag for the purposes of this review, as with all our reviews, we only give our own honest opinions.

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