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Beach Vs. Ski Vacation – Which One Should You Choose This Year?

By Jeska @WandererJeska

skier-999279_1920Vacations provide us with much needed downtime to decompress, relax and forget about all of our stresses back home. But when planning your upcoming holiday, one of the first decisions you need to make is whether you want to go on a summer or winter break. With a host of options to choose from, it can be difficult to make the right choice for both you and your family, so it’s important to take all factors into consideration when exploring the options of a winter or summer break.

In this article we look at holiday options in the hope that we can make it slightly easier for you to make a decision on where you want to go for your next vaycay.

What is your Budget?

Your budget, regardless of whether you have decided to go away for the weekend or take a two-week long trip, should be addressed first and foremost. It is important that you know how much you have to spend on your holiday in order to find one suited to your price range so you can not only get the most out of your vaycay, but do not have to stress about how much cash you have left over to spend while you are there. By planning in advance you will be able to save money on flights, which in turn will give you a few more options when it comes to choosing your accommodation.

Beach holidays tend to be cheaper, involving reasonably priced accommodation, but the same cannot be said for most skiing holidays, although part of the enjoyment of a skiing holiday is the resort itself, with a buzzing atmosphere and guests full of excitement and adrenaline. But when you factor in the cost of renting your skiing equipment, it could end up costing a pretty penny depending on where you choose to stay.

Are you Interested in Nightlife?

While on a summer holiday, evenings are often spent enjoying an array nightlife venues – from beach bonfires to clubs and bars. So if you’re single or in a relationship and don’t have any children and want to spend your evenings dancing the night away, you might want to opt for a beach holiday. And although some ski resorts have their own nightclubs and bars, there isn’t much of a variety in comparison to beach holidays as you are limited to what is available at the resort you are staying at.

What would the Kids Enjoy?

Both skiing holidays and beach holidays offer a variety of fun activities for those that are single, couples and families. From a variety of water sports available at beach resorts, to an opportunity for your children to learn how to ski, build a snow man or see snow for the first time on a skiing holiday.

However, if you’re children are quite young, be sure to do some research into whether the resorts have play areas and childcare services (in case you need them). While there are many more options to take into consideration when planning your holiday, these are three of the main concerns to keep in mind when choosing the right holiday for you and your family. And, while each offer completely different experiences, there is always the option of enjoying one this year, and the other next year.

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