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Be Your Own Valentine

By Healthhungry @Healthhungry
February is the month for love... There have been many years that I dreaded Valentine's Day.  If I was single, breaking up, or in an unhappy relationship, all of the red, pink, hearts, candy, and flowers made the loneliness I felt that much more amplified.  Yet, some of my fondest memories of Cupid's day, are when I chose to focus on loving myself.
Struggling with compulsive overeating throughout my lifetime means that I have struggled to love myself.  The very premise of binge eating is abusive(even though it feels pretty dang loving in the moment).  I am more aware of that now, than ever before; ironically, I feel less able than ever before, to make loving choices when it comes to food.  I struggle every day; but hope for a better tomorrow is not lost.
This month, I choose to love myself by; moving more, taking a spa day(I purchased it long ago, just haven't made the appointment - what am I waiting for???), taking more bubble baths, lighting candles, spending time with my sweet pup, journaling, reaching out for support from people who can give it, and most importantly; forgiving my imperfections, and loving myself and my BODY today, exactly where I am. 
What will you do this month to love yourself?  Why wait for someone to bring you flowers when you can plant your own garden?  Remember, you teach others how to treat you by how you treat yourself.  So, this February, splurge on self-affirmations, acceptance, and forgiveness.  You are beautiful, and you deserve to be loved, right now - just as you are.

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