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Be Vulnerable?

By Clarkkent07 @lpatterson1017

man20and20bear1Vulnerability and you…..


Had an amazing meeting last night where it seemed that vulnerability was the topic of discussion this ranged from rejection to fear of rejection to the inevitable why someone makes the choices they make whether it is showing a side of themselves that has the ability to make them look weak.


Being true to yourself and others is a great ability that we result in making a very scary place to stand within.  This could be how we approach others, how we become confrontational when confrontation is far from what we are trying to express.  This leads to thinking that we are less than somehow.  The issue results in us being very avoidable, very discreet and in some cases just plain disconnected from others to cause our energy to seem unapproachable.


When we express our vulnerable side we have a choice.  We can walk up to those that are hurting or hiding and offer our hand out to help them through this.  We can do this in a multitude of ways.  Offering something in kindness, asking them if they are ok and state that if they need someone to compassionately listen then it becomes the safe jacket we all need.  If you stand in your truth of why you are feeling their energy you can state it in such a way to offer someone a ear to listen to what is going on in ones thoughts.


It is true we are all walking elements of love.  If you lose site of this because you are identified with your ego, you will indeed keep feeding this ego thoughts to keep you isolated from letting go the of this way of thinking.


With that we are posting this poll and asking this as a direct question?


What is healthy to do when feeling vulnerable?


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Vulnerability is a weakness that hides the truth?


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Love Deeply,

Lois and Clark

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