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Be Selfish. The World is Yours.

By Namalsiddiqui @namalsiddiqui
We are selfish beings.
Everyone looks for things that make them happy and what's better for them. Is there something wrong with that? No.
So it's okay to be selfish I guess. I've always believed in helping ourselves before helping others, because only then are we able to help another. But sometimes being selfish can't help either. Because what you want is not what I want. Because what is better for you is not for me. And so the cycle goes on ... man's hunt for happiness, strive for survival, search for love, and the need and longing for company (company that we yearn for) because we're afraid of being lonely. Regardless of race or religion, we all want the same things: good company: family and friends, respect, happiness and love.
So it is okay to be selfish. Do what you want. The world is yours.

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