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Be on Second Base!

By Meachrm @BaseballBTYard
Be on second base!

Challenge yourself to be on 2nd base on every fly ball!

You see it all the time in the big leagues on TV.  A player hits a pop-up, slams the bat down, and runs about 60% to first base.  Most of the time, the fielder catches the ball and the batter trots back to the dugout after half-heartedly rounding first base.  Until the ball drops.

The wind, the sun, miscommunication, and down right lack of talent all can be a factor when a ball is popped-up.  Runners should never assume that every pop-up is an automatic out.  That’s why when hitters pop the ball up, especially in the outfield, coaches should immediately yell “Be on second base!”  This reminds the batter to bust-it down the line so that if the ball if dropped/missed, he gets to second base.

It may only happen a few times a year (obviously, much more so at the younger levels) but if the ball is dropped/missed and the batter is coasting into first base, there should be hell to pay.

Run everything out with a goal to get to second base on every pop-up.  It’s the right way to run the bases.

Note:  Every situation is different.  If there is a runner on first base or even second base on a pop-up, a runner may not be able to execute this strategy.  It mainly applies when nobody is on base or just a runner on third.

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