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Be Content.

By Atulsharmasharma

Be Content.Contentment is important in life. You may have all the money in the world but if you are not content then all of it is useless.
We always crib that God has not given us many materialistic things but he has bestowed his blessings on others. Others have many things that we don't have. Nevertheless, just think for a second what you have. By concentrating on have nots you are ignoring  haves and ultimately insulting the lord by being unthankful.
A parent will always give his children what they are worthy of and the same principle applies to us. All of us are his children and he has given us more than what we are worthy of. And that worthiness is determined by our Karmas. The good ones will bring good results and the bad ones will always make us repent in present or in future.
Don't allow your desires to destroy your peace. Try to control them. Remember they are never going to be satisfied ever.  If you have been able to buy a small house then you will crave for a big one and if you have  been able to but a car then you will crave for a big one. The desires will always keep on raising their head.
Be always thankful to him. Trust him he knows what is best for you. Never ask for anything and always pray to him to do what is best for you.
Now, pause for a second and think of your this time. You are reading this text in a comfortable environment by his grace. Your time is passing in a good manner. Now think of all of those who are passing through turbulent times--- may be suffering in a hospital or tending to their loved ones in a hospital, in bad jobs, bearing onslaught of harsh weather without a roof, give it a thought you will see hundreds in need. Never ignore them always be ready to help whosoever who deem fit.
Always remember that only because of him your time is passing in a good manner. So be content and always be thankful to him.

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