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BB Cream Review

By Reservedforruby @reservedforruby
BB Cream Review
BB creams came on my radar about 5 months ago. I watched a vlog from Lara Stone and had briefly read about it on the blogosphere as a new revolution which became very popular in Asia.
BB is an acronym for "Blemish Balm" and protects the skin from blemishes. I have oily/dry combination skin so I am prone to blemishes. When I have a spot I try to only use a little bit of concealer as foundation only makes it worse, however, BB creams help speed up the length of time the spot exists on my face!BB creams derive from Germany and were originally created by dermatologist Dr. Christine Schrammek in the 1950s! People used it after surgery apparently and it only really hit the wider retail market in the 80s. You have to love the 80s!Make up enthusiasts have been buying BB cream in South Korea and Japan since the 1980s and it was endorsed by many Korean actresses.
Over two decades later, and it has finally reached Europe. It has grown incredibly popular and has sold out in many stores.
GarnierThe first BB cream I tested was by Garnier. I opted for the darker tone but I would recommend the lighter tone and you can always use bronzer on top.It has a lightweight formula with vitamin C and mineral pigments. It feels so light on your skin that you almost feel like you aren't wearing anything other than some moisturiser. It contains SPF15 UV filters so you don't have to worry about harmful rays, keeping your skin youthful for longer. I know being young, you don't really think about your skin in the future (well maybe some day but it's not something I really think about long term until recently). It is so important to take care of it especially in your 20s. Overall, I really liked it as my skin looks covered and bright just like a regular foundation however, not as heavy as most foundations.
Rating: 8/10
No7 BB CreamThe second BB cream I tested was No 7. I love the No 7 range and have tried most of their new "Beautiful Skin" range. It is only £12.95 in Boots, and with the no 7 voucher which Boots kindly distribute regularly, it is a bargain!This product is especially great for dry skin. If you have dry or combination skin (I am a cross between dry and combination - my skin just can't figure out what it wants to be!) you should give this a go! The No 7 BB cream encompasses a unique 3-in-1 formula which helps to reduce the size of those pimples or "blemishes" so you don't have to worry about clogging up your pores. It works secretly behind the scenes, all the while, you look fresh faced, bright and beautiful.This product also contains the wonderful power of SPF15 so your skin won't suffer from the effects of harmful rays.
Rating: 10/10
BB Cream ReviewBB Cream Review

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