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Basho Cafe: Japanese Matcha Goodies

By Foodobyte @foodobyte


“Discover your home away from home” at Basho Cafe on E Hastings and Victoria. hippoCHAN and I were in the neighbourhood so we decided to check this cozy, family-run Japanese cafe.


All of their baked goodies looked so good in the display case, with matcha being a prominent theme.


The Matcha Chocolate Coconut Cookie had textbook-perfect soft and slightly chewy texture. It was a breeze for us to share and pull off chunks of cookies. The matcha was justly balanced with the chocolate and coconut. We also liked the addition of chewy coconut strips.

Tuna Tataki

For her lunch, hippoCHAN ordered the Tuna Tataki Salad ($9.5). The tuna itself was very well done. It was topped with some green onion and ginger that added a whole another level of freshness and spice. On the other hand, the salad was seriously dampened with dressing. We both agreed that having the tuna takaki as a rice bowl would have been a better choice.

Teri Pulled Pork

I went for a meatier dish – the Teri Pulled Pork Rice Bowl ($8). It was served with an variety of vegetables around the rim. I wished that they were hot, or at least warm, though.

Teri Pulled Pork 2

The meat wash’t spectacular either. It was dry and salty. I couldn’t really taste much of the sweet teriyaki flavour; it was only salty.

Basho Cafe: Japanese Matcha Goodies
Basho Cafe: Japanese Matcha Goodies
Basho Cafe: Japanese Matcha Goodies

Overall, I would come back for their hot drinks and baked goods, but pass on the entrees.

Final Bytes

  1. Closed Monday and Tuesday
  2. Afternoon set (Matcha latte & Sweets) for $5 after 2PM
  3. Matcha galore!

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Basho Cafe: Japanese Matcha Goodies

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Curtis Ng
Curtis Ng

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