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Baseball, Beer, and Cheese.

By Jhop
Baseball, Beer, and Cheese.I love food almost as much as I love baseball.  But here at CDTF, we do not venture much into delicious discussions involving dinners or restaurants.  Mainly because I am a boring eater.  I like my burgers with cheese and ketchup and nothing else; please put any strange sauces or mayos on the side; and do not take me for sushi or we will no longer be dating.  That said, today is a special day, folks.  One of my closest friends – Jenny, a fellow Blue Devil – owns a restaurant on the Upper East Side with her husband; and today, their restaurant, Earl’s Beer and Cheese, was written up by the New York Times.  
Baseball, Beer, and Cheese.I mean, this isn’t some brief mention on a foodie website – this is a complete glowing review in the dining section of one of the most well-read newspapers in the world.  A huge fucking deal. And I am so proud of her.  I remember when she was just riffing about an idea they had to own a pub…and now, less than two years later, they are gracing the pages of the New York Times.  Be forewarned, though, Earl’s is not your typical restaurant – it is so much better.  It is an old-school-type bar with a wide array of beers, which happens to serve delicious appetizers and plates of eclectic and cheese-centric food.  You can order everything from grilled cheese with potato chips to crisp bites of pork belly to Asian-styled gnocchi to mouth-watering bread pudding.  If you are in or around Manhattan, I urge you all to trek up to 97th and Park and check out Earl’s; as the Times said, “it’s a late-night kitchen experiment gone wonderfully right.”
Okay guys, I unfortunately have real work to do now.  Please check back tomorrow – good stuff is coming involving Mariano Rivera and other treasures found in the SI Vault (although, I am not sure that anything could compete with the picture posted on Friday). 

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