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Base Running – A Yard Makes a Big Difference

By Meachrm @BaseballBTYard

Base running – A yard makes a big differenceIf you have been a reader of this site then you probably know the story of why I call it Baseball By The Yard.  If you don’t, watch the video on my Home Page that explains the story and the significance.

The other day I was working with some older base runners at a high school camp.  I was emphasizing good angles and turns at first base and had them go from home plate to second base.  After about 20 of them ran the drill, I marked on the ground the four main paths the players took around first base as seen by their footprints in the dirt.  I marked each path with a solid line as shown in the photo.  I called them all down to first base and asked them the following question.

“If the play at second base is going to be close, which path would you rather take?”

Every one of them pointed to path #1.  They obviously realized that Path #1 will get them to second base faster.  I then reiterated the proper way to round first base.  To learn the proper way, click HERE for a previous post I did on that subject called You do NOT run a question mark to first base.

I placed a red arrow on the photo between the farthest paths players took after their first step past first base.  About how far apart are those paths?

Yep.  About one yard.  

Every inch counts.  It takes a lot of hard work and attention to detail to whittle down that yard so that you can keep succeeding in the game as it gets faster.

Those that do keep playing.  Those that don’t get weeded out.

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