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bareMinerals Ready Foundation

By Nicelise

bareMinerals Ready Foundation

bareMinerals Ready Foundation. Photo by Nicole Jenet

I have been using bareMinerals foundation for the past 10 years and have seen the product line diversify to offer mascaras, blushes, lip glosses and more during that time. I started using bareMinerals because I have very sensitive skin and when I began using their products my skin was extremely broken out from spending a lot of time in an indoor chlorinated pool and using products that clogged my pores.
I became such a super fan of bareMinerals foundation because it was so good to my skin. My only complaint was that it didn't offer enough coverage for breakouts and flaws.
bareMinerals now has Ready SPF 20 Foundation, which is a pressed version of its original foundation. I cannot tell you how much I love this foundation. While I still like the original foundation, I personally found that the Ready foundation is so much better.

bareMinerals Ready Foundation

bareMinerals Ready Foundation in medium beige. Photo by Nicole Jenet

First, it is less messy. I used to have to wipe down my vanity every day because the loose foundation would fall all over. It would also get on my clothes when I applied it, so I would always stay in my robe as to not get dusty powder all over my outfit. I haven't found this to be an issue with the Ready foundation, since the majority of the makeup stays on my brush and is easier to control how much you put on your brush.
I also feel that the Ready foundation offers much more coverage than the original bareMinerals foundation, but what they both have in common is their lightweight feel -- you won't feel like you're wearing anything on your face.
If you plan on wearing concealer, you should apply that prior to your foundation. When it's time to put on the foundation (I like to do it after I've already put on my eye makeup), you can use bareMinerals Flawless Application Brush, but I prefer to use a Real Techniques buffing brush from the brand's core collection.
If you have used the original bareMinerals foundation before, then the application of the Ready foundation won't be much different for you. Simply take your brush and swirl it in the product, tap any excess off (there shouldn't be much) and then swirl the brush around your face and neck. When swirling the brush in the foundation, you won't need to use much pressure to get plenty of product on the brush.
If you have skin similar to mine and have occasional breakouts and some scarring from previous acne, this foundation does offer some coverage for that. But the foundation does not completely cover them, especially if they are large, red whitehead pimples. All you will need is a good concealer to cover up those imperfections and then this foundation should provide enough coverage.
If you want to try this foundation, you can order it online from the bareMinerals website, where there are tools to help you pick the best shade for your skin. You can also pick this up or order it online from Ulta or Sephora. Click here to find your closest bareMinerals retailer.
Have you tried this foundation before? Do you have any special techniques you use to better apply it? Weigh in!
- Nic

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