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Banned Books in Our House

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
The girls are really into chapter books these days.  There are a couple of series they really like, but the blond twin is no longer allowed to read one of their favorites. 
For the past few nights, she has been waking up a lot and crying.  We thought she had outgrown night terrors, but this week they returned in a dramatic way.  The first night she was up we thought she ate too many apples when we went apple-picking.  The second night we thought she might be getting sick.  The third night she finally admitted that she couldn't sleep because of the Goosebumps book she was reading.  When she was little, every scary creature or wicked witch kept her up at night.  We thought she outgrew this since she no longer woke up every time she watched a new movie.  It turns out the night terrors simply adapted to her new interest.  Scary books brought back her night terrors. 
Let's just say it's really, really no fun when she has night terrors.  No one sleeps much and we're all physically and mentally exhausted the next day. 
To prevent this from happening again anytime soon, she is not allowed to read the Goosebumps series.  We explained that she is welcome to read any other chapter book, but since the Goosebumps books keep her up at night she cannot read them.
The brunette twin didn't like this development at all.  She loves the Goosebumps series.  We told her that as long as it didn't keep her up at night she could read the books.  She is not allowed to share them with her sister either by telling her about the story or reading any part of it to her.  If she feels the need to share, she has to talk to Mommy or Daddy where the blond twin cannot hear it.  She agreed to the plan.  As long as she can read her books, she's a happy girl.  Plus, when the blond twin doesn't sleep, the brunette twin doesn't sleep.  And if there's one thing the brunette twin loves as much as her sister it's a good night's sleep.

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