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Bank Holiday Monday

By Sue15cat
Bank Holiday Monday
Well we braved the high winds and rain in Llandudno for an early morning walk with the dogs ..... they were not overly impressed and just dashed for the house when we got back.  
We have fought with the computer all morning after installing Windows 10 on it last night.  I'm not impressed at the moment, apart from looking like a very basic, whiter than white, crisper version of our old Windows XP Professional it's just made it harder than ever to get to places I want to get to, find things I use regularly and has slowed our computer down so much I'm sat here tapping my fingers more than I am typing with them.  I will persevere and no doubt get used to it,  I'm not good at moving forward with things ... I like what I know and know what I like !!
Across the road now that the sun is briefly out is a typically Welsh Easter scene.  A field with ewes and their lambs baa-ing in the sunshine and rushing to feed when the urge takes them.  Thomas who owns the field opposite us is using it as a nursery field and every day there is a new set of mama and babies delivered  to the field, delighting in their new home.  
Saturday's new arrival was a ewe who had lost her lamb at birth and a lamb whose mother had died at birth.  The little orphan lamb was wearing the fleece of the stillborn lamb (over it's own of course) and spent the day walking away from the ewe who was desperate to nurse it.  Thomas persevered in heavy rain to try keep the two together and in the end left them to it.
Yesterday the lamb was staggering around with the fleece waving in the wind looking like a sheepskin cape, but today I think it has all been worth it and little lamb is staying with his mama and all seems well ... can you tell we've been keeping a very watchful eye on developments ;-)
Sue xx

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