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Band to Watch: DIIV

Posted on the 27 July 2012 by Euclidand9th @Euclidand9th

While DIIV isn’t coming to Cleveland yet, there’s a chance that the dream-pop leaning group will soon be making their way to the city – and a number of others. While they’re currently on tour with Wild Nothing, hitting up both North America and Europe, DIIV promises to be an incredibly exciting band to follow and follow now.

Band to watch: DIIV

They’ve just released their fabulous debut album, Oshin, on Captured Tracks (where they’re label mates with – you guessed it – Wild Nothing). Zachary Cole Smith, once touring member of Beach Fossils, is the leader of DIIV, and he has crafted an album that literally flows (excuse the water puns). Oshin is just one of those albums that you have to listen to all at once; songs slide into one another. The best part? The album is founded on the strength of its guitar players. While synth is “in” right now, Smith more or less ignores it. Even the strangest of sounds coming from guitars, and it’s a nice change of pace in this chillwave era we’re experiencing.

A lot of sunshine emanates from DIIV’s debut album. While the lyrics are often unintelligible, it doesn’t matter. Watch out for DIIV; they’re a band that can only grow up from here, and this is us telling you to take our word for it. Embrace DIIV, while it’s still cool.

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