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Banana Rasayana | Balehannu Rasayana

By Ranjani Raj @ranjaniskitchen
banana rasayana | balehannu rasayana

banana rasayana | balehannu rasayana - famous udupi banana dessert to serve as prasadham during rama Navami, vinayagar chathurthi, and maha sivarathiri. For those people who are in fasting used to drink this first after finishing the fasting. Because the coconut milk is soothing for empty stomach.

Also this is a best way to make some delicious dessert when we have lots of ripened bananas at home.This banana rasayana can also be called as balehannu rasayana or seehikarne.i am sure this banana dessert is very handy to prepare instant dessert for guests. It hardly takes 10 mins to prepare and serve.Addition of these cashew nuts, sesame seeds are completely optional. In original recipe, the key ingredients are banana, coconut milk and jaggery. Depends on availability we can add nuts, dry fruits etc. you can make this rasayana recipe by adding apple or mango along with banana.

banana rasayana | balehannu rasayana

Serving suggestions for balehannu rasayana

You can serve this seehikarana as a side dish for neer dosa. Some serve for poori and idiyappam. If you don't like to have these side dish versions, you can simply have it as a dessert.

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video recipe for banana rasayana

how to make banana rasayana:

  1. Make coconut milk using freshly scrapped by adding hot water.
  2. Squeeze the coconut extract using muslin cloth or strainer. Add some more water to extract the milk completely and discard the pulp or you can save it to dry and use for cookies 😊
  3. Chop banana in to slices or small pieces.
  4. Mix chopped banana with cashew nuts, jaggery,cardamom powder and salt.
  5. Finally add roasted sesame seeds and coconut milk.
  6. Mix everything really well until the jaggery dissolve completely.
  7. Serve as side dish for neer dosa or simply have it as dessert.
banana rasayana | balehannu rasayana

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