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B&N; for S&M;? Barnes and Noble Gets Dirty in the Kids Section

By Kluckmeister @kluckitblog

B&N for S&M? Barnes and Noble Gets Dirty in the Kids Section

Posted by kluckmeister on June 1, 2012 · 1 Comment 


As I continue to grow into this world I am starting to find that fewer and fewer things surprise me. Bum pissing on a corner in the middle of a busy sidewalk? That’s my morning commute. Old naked dude “leaning” against a poll? That’s any park on the weekend. Duck walking down the street with shades and a cigarette? Someone already made that terrible movie in the 80′s. Multiple ripped adult males playing awkwardly with random people’s kids on the playground? That’s apparently quality TV these days.

I thought I’d seen it all but despite the general lack of giving a f&%k that this world has caused, it never fails to surprise. The minute you let your guard down and take off your metaphorical athletic cup for the day, life turns around and punches you straight in the balls with collector’s item hulk hands. All I wanted to do was buy a children’s book or two for my newly 5 year old cousin/god-son when I stumbled onto the following page of Barnes & Noble’s “kids” section.

B&N; for S&M;? Barnes and Noble Gets Dirty in the Kids Section

My favorite part of this whole event is that you can clearly see the keywords in the address bar: “LEVEL ONE READING BOOKS”. Yes two spots over from one of my childhood favorites, the Berenstain Bears, I am delighted/surprised to see Part 1 of “Sexy Classroom Demonstration: The Professor and the Erotic Coed.” What to think, what to think. Either there’s some new initiative to bring sex-ed to the children of America at a younger age in order to increase awareness as a preventative measure, or there are some really stupid horny dudes out there. Knowing America, my bet is on the latter. I guess I’m more surprised that Barnes & Noble is actually making an effort to accommodate them.

I will give it to B&N that I didn’t ACTUALLY specify in my search that I was looking for “Kids” books, I guess I just assumed that any sort of book written for a five year old wouldn’t return a result equal to a terribly written and staged porno.


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