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Bags Packed

By Thebangtoddowenwaldorf @BangLiving

Bags Packed

An hour left before I leave Alkoomi and I never see it again.  There is a sadness to the whole saying goodbye part of it all.  The over riding, and uplifting, part is that I am about to step into something new.  Where a chapter ends a new one begins and that is awesome by its very definition.  I packed my large Alps 90 litre bag again.  Even still I am getting better at it.  I took on an extra pair of jeans and a hooded sweatshirt from Oscar.  He was a guy that worked in the cellar of the winery.  I also took on an extra shirt, a rain jacket with a cloth liner, and rain pants.  All of these extra things and the pack still looks more compact than when I arrived.  I do have an extra pair of boots now too and I will find them a home soon enough.  I am leaving a couple of books, a phone charger, and other little things here at Alkoomi for the next traveler or person in need or want of those things.  I’m taking some of my bland t-shirts that I bought from Target to work in before leaving Florida and I will donate them to the volunteer cabinet at the Uralla Wildlife Sanctuary.  So the sadness barely creeps in to the afternoon.  I will soon say farewell to the barracks in which I have lived for the last month.  Odd to me, but I will miss it.  Home is where I lay my head these days and another one will become a memory.  I will soon say goodbye to Dee Dee and Sophie too, and all of those kangaroos we visit weekly.  Tomorrow morning we will go to Mt. Barker after a farewell to the roos.  I will be on a bus.  On the little orange light above the driver it will display Perth.  I’m looking forward to that bus ride.  I enjoy all of them.  I like the time to reflect.

A few goodbyes to…

Steve.  Thanks for stopping by to chat.  It can get lonely out there.  Oh and I call b.s. on your not liking people by the way.

Jason.  The man who effortlessly lights fire to the vineyard rows.  Your a good dude and in another life we’ll catch a few shows together my friend.

Rod.  Thanks for the work.  I hope your pleased with the results.

Almadine.  Your laughter and good spirits kept us all going.  Thanks for brightening the days and clearing some of the forever looming rain clouds.

Sophie.  What does it take to get some good news around here?  Thanks for driving us (hey tell Dee Dee to get on the driving thing already!) and yes we all know you can heal the world (and make it a better place).

Jon.  Hey don’t worry so much mate.  I hope you take that vacation with Mandy.  You deserve it.

Mandy.  Thanks for being a Mum to so many that are so far away from theirs.  Your beautiful and appreciated.

Katie.  Oh c’mon.  Nice singing into that toilet paper roll.  Michael would be honored.

The Frenchies & Co.  I hope you found what you were looking for in Margarite River.  ‘Welcome in Frankland’.  Win more trips alright?

Matt & Diane.  Travel safe my friends.  It was fun.  You are both good people.

Seb & Marilyn.  Two more awesome French people.  Too bad things were cut short, but you gotta do what you gotta do in this world.  Hey Marilyn, next time smile in Time Square!  Until we meet again.  

Peta (my interesting emu friend).  I am including you because I know that you are capable of anything, even reading this blog.

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