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Baddest Bad Girl From Season 2 to 12

Posted on the 23 July 2014 by Mikeylately @MikeyLately

Baddest Bad Girl From Season 2 to 12

There have been 12 seasons of Bad Girls Club and out of these 12 season there have only been a few Bad Girls who were actually Bad Girls. Some were replacements and others were orginials. Since no new episode of Bad Girls Club on check out  who I think are the baddest below.

Season 2

Tanisha because she is the one who made Bad Girls Club popular. Plus she is the only one memorable for her season. 

Season 3

Tiffany because she was that chick in that season. No one really stepped to her and she basically ran the house.

Season 4

Natalie Nunn beacuse she ran LA. Just like Tanisha, Natalie Nunn help brand Bad Girls Club and made it more popular.

Season 5

Catya the baddest so far. Nobody messed with her at all. She was a BOSS, too bad she left that season. I think the whole season would of been different if she would of stayed. 

Season 6

Wilmarie was the best. Point blank. Nicki thought she could control and beat Wilma, but that was not the case because everytime they faught Wilma beat that ass.

Season 7

Best bad is between Tiara and Stasi. Stasi because she told that girl if she doesn’t confess in 5 seconds she whopping ass and what happen? She whooped that ass. Tiara because she wasn’t scared of nobody.

Season 8

Camillia wasn’t scared of no one in the house.

Season 9

Meghan and Christina.

Season 10


Season 11


Season 12

No one ..

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