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Bad Suns – Salt & Cardiac Arrest

Posted on the 24 April 2014 by Jessedeanlewis

Bad Suns – Salt & Cardiac Arrest

My favorite thing in the world is ‘properly’ stumbling upon new music. I’m talking like, going into a fabric store with your Mum because you said you’d spend some time with her, and they start playing the best song you’ve ever heard. Shazam that shit, day is made. Today, DWNTWN mentioned they’d be going live on KX 93.5 in LA so I went to stream it. I didn’t find DWNTWN, but I did hear the coolest track of the week.

The tune in question was Salt by California kids Bad Suns and it’s an excitable mix of indie-funk bass drives and clopping percussion, topped with deep-infiltrating falsetto vocal melodies. All that wankery aside, it’s a fucking fun track. The kind of song that seems to degrade my credit among work colleagues when I start air drumming and tilting my head with the beat. Seriously, Bad Sunsyou’re going to kill me come promotion time.

After listening to Salt, I noticed another slightly more rocky number in their single Cardiac Arrest. It’s another brilliant track that goes in a completely different direction. Lyrics reminiscent of the bands of my teenage days speak a confused cautionary love story about being careful while giving it your all at the same time. I usually wouldn’t call out lyrics in this blog, but I feel they’re hard to avoid in this song. The guy sings it with such passion in lines as simple as “How much do I invest?” it’s clear to see that they add a lot of emotion and power.

Their EP Transpose was released on January 21st this year and you can download it on iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/transpose-ep/id773276443

Bad Suns – Salt & Cardiac Arrest

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