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Bad Blogger!

By Shimmerofpink @shimmerofpink
Hellooo shimmers,
Sorry for the severe lack of posts, I just seemed to have been stuck in one of those uninspired ruts, and then life got busy and so blogging took a major back seat. 
It has been so hot in Scotland this July that its meant I have spent a lot of time outside and therefore away from my laptop. However I do have quite a few pics that I plan to share and also have purchased a fair few beauty products; I will be sharing my views about them very soon.
But now that I have had a long break and feeling like I have my mojo back I am really looking forward to getting back into blogging. I think I may do a blog redesign and maybe work out a blog schedule just to give me a bit of a routine for writing and posting blog posts. But as I said im really looking forward to getting back into the mix of all things blogging.I havent even been on socail media thats how bad a person I have been!!!
In September I will be going back to university and I am excited about that and cant wait to take you all on that journey. I actually feel that I blogged better while at uni even though I felt like I had less time! 
I would love to hear what sorts of posts you would like me to write and other suggestions for my blog and blogging in general. Either leave a comment below or tweet me @shimmerofpink 
Thanks for sticking with me and because you have stuck with me I do have a giveaway planned for September, so keep your eyes peeled for that.
Laura x

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