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Bad Advice: Offshoring Your Blog

Posted on the 25 October 2012 by Linsibrownson @CleverSpark

You are Clever, so I’m sure you already know this…but I heard some terrible advice this week and wanted to clear something up.

Bad Advice: Offshoring Your Blog

To a group of micro business owners in creative industries, someone had the balls to recommend that we outsource our blog writing to the Philippines.


This was followed by a condescending “Haven’t you read the 4 Hour Work Week“? when met with unbelieving stares.

See, what this ‘professional’ didn’t realize was that the audience was a group of smart and passionate entrepreneurs – people who understand the value of their reputation and relationship with their clientele.  They could hire someone to help offload some of their many weekly tasks, but the philosophy of the 4 Hour Work Week (which I have read several times and love) is to change your perspective to work smarter and minimize busy work – not farm out all their work so they can do fuckall.

Writing a blog for your business is NOT busy work.  It’s an integral part of building relationships, demonstrating expertise and driving traffic to your website.  Outsourcing your blog to another country only works if your goal is to use black hat SEO tactics to create heavily key-worded blog posts to trick search engines into indexing your post…the kind that are nonsensical with incomplete sentences and grammar.

And let me clarify this a bit further – this tactic doesn’t work anymore.  Google and the other SE’s are constantly changing their algorithm to prevent its rankings from being fooled.  So while this DID work a few years ago, it doesn’t work now.  And it will not work in the future.  Social Media will be the rank & file leader over the next couple of years – so if you are going to spend your time doing anything, craft great blog content so you have something to share on your social media channels.

If you REALLY hate writing or simply don’t have the time, I have a better solution for you.  Spark Collaborative has a fun service where we conduct a recorded phone Q&A with you, and then create 4 blog posts based on our conversation.  Yep, 4 blogs from 1 conversation.  We record it because we strongly believe in using your voice, and we’ll write like you speak – the way that readers prefer to hear you – minus the “likes” and “ums” (you know who you are).

And here’s the super awesome part.  We’ll do a free 15 minute phone consultation to hash out some blog topics with you.

You don’t have to sign up for the blogging service.  Just have a chat, we’ll get some topics worked out and if you decide you want some help then we’ve got a great start!

Bottom line, PLEASE PLEASE do not outsource your blog to the Phillipines.

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