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Backyard Stories, Robyn Ottolini Q&A and 5 Quick Questions

By Phjoshua @thereviewsarein

We've known for a few years now, watching her put in work as a songwriter, singer, and performer. We saw her in 2016 as a semi-finalist in the Boots & Hearts Emerging Artist Showcase, watched her onstage in Cobourg at the Country Wild festival, and have listened as she released her EPs ( Classic, 2019 & I'm Not Always Hilarious, 2020). And now we're catching up with her as she prepares to kick-off her Backyard Songwriters Stories tour.

We all know that the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a wrench into every single live music plan for this summer, so to see Robyn and her performing partners (Alexa Goldie, Travis Eugene, Matt Gunn, and Sarah Wickett) getting set to play live for fans is wonderful. We asked about that - and more - but first, let's get to a round of 5 Quick Questions!

Back in October, we caught up with Robyn and she did a written round of 5 Quick Questions, so this time, we got her new questions and she turned on the camera to answer them.

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Hit play to find out which album she's listening to by the pool, who she'd love to tour with, and more!

5 Quick Questions with Robyn Ottolini

Now, get to know Robyn a little more, find out about the shows, the F-150 Remix, her (previously) unknown entertainment choices, and more in our new Q&A.

Robyn Ottolini Q&A

1) You've found a way to play some live shows coming up in Newcastle, Peterborough, Uxbridge, and Beaverton - how did those come together, and do you think you're going to be planning more to come after those four?

Robyn Ottolini) They came together fast. I went to Andrew Hyatt's backyard shows and immediately after my manager wanted to do them and of course, I want to do them because you can only do so many internet concerts until you get lonely! They're all physically distanced and safe. It strips everything back to the basics. We're in a backyard, telling stories and playing some tunes we wrote. I'm just stoked to respond to people and see reactions. That's what I feed off of and these shows are gonna be fantastic. [email protected] for info and tickets.

2) We all know it's a real bummer that we've missed festival season this year, and you posted on your social media about missing Boots & Hearts. What is the #1 thing you miss about going to Boots or any festival?

Robyn) My favourite part about music festivals is that your one job, for four days (or however many) is literally to just watch music. That's it. That's your one job. Make sure you get to the concerts. That's all you have to do. Absolute heaven.

3) Let's put some good vibes and hopes and dreams out into the world - what is something in your career that you've thought about or started planning that you hope to accomplish in the near or distant future?

Robyn) Might be shooting big (or small?) depends on your perspective I guess... anyway, my dream is to be a career writer/get a publishing deal. Songwriting is the most relaxing thing and my happiest place. You can always get better and never be the best and I love the challenge of that. So boom, that's the dream. Might be close, might be far but I'm pretty determined to get there.

4) You released the F-150 Remix, what was that process like, and how did it feel to give a new life or different life to one of your songs?

Robyn) I love pop music. I grew up strictly country, love country until the day I die but I love the cross-over. I love pop melodies and the way they're more risky with what they say in the lyrics. So it was fun to turn one of my sad songs into a little bit of a dancing groove and bring those pop elements that I admire into a country song.

5) What has been your favourite part about doing your Good Shit News Network shows on Instagram live?

Robyn) Looking up all the good things happen in the world and brightening people's day. Also the wine. Definitely the wine.

6) Last one for a little something extra, can you tell us all something that we wouldn't find on your social channels or in a Google search. (example: a hidden talent)

Robyn) This is tricky. I'm a pretty open book when it comes to my songs, writing and social media. I'm pretty sure you already know I love the ocean and shark conservation but did you know... I love reality tv? That is some gooooood shit. I love watching people do weird inappropriate things that we're all guilty of for the world to see. Cinematic brilliance. *chefs kiss*

Thanks for having me guys <3

Big thanks to Robyn for taking the time to answer the Q&A questions and for her round of 5 Quick Questions. If you're in or near Newcastle, Peterborough, Uxbridge, or Beaverton, we suggest you grab a ticket and check out the show!

Backyard Stories, Robyn Ottolini Q&A and 5 Quick Questions
Backyard Stories, Robyn Ottolini Q&A and 5 Quick Questions

Backyard Stories, Robyn Ottolini Q&A and 5 Quick Questions

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