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Backyard Bliss.

By Elleelizabeth @elleelizabethh
first of all, i wanted to give a big hello to all the newcomers to my blog! i'm always looking for input so don't be shy and leave a comment :)
this summer jeremy and i decided that we want to put in a stone patio in the backyard. i would love to have a paradise that i can retreat to on summer evenings with my nook in hand or relaxing by a fire.
backyard bliss.images via
wouldn't you just love to escape into one of these photos? nothing makes summer better than a group of friends around the fire, for sure. and of course, roasted marshallows (or in my case, burnt marshmallows - don't judge!). we're hoping to purchase our 2,000 something stones this coming weekend since there's supposedly going to be a large sale at home depot. now, who wants to make a trip to our house and help place each stone?! :)

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