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Backseat Driver

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
Someday the brunette twin is going to start driving and I cannot wait.  While most parents dread the day their children drive, I'm looking forward to it.
I'm going to be a total backseat driver.  I figure it's only appropriate given that she's such a backseat driver now.
Here is my favorite exchange from the past few days:
Mom, how fast are you going?  The speed limit signs says 40.  I don't think your speedometer is on 40.
No, I'm going 42.
You have to go exactly 40 or else you are speeding.
It would be nice, but it is really hard to drive at the exact speed.  Sometimes you're a couple of miles over.  Sometimes you're a couple of miles under.  As long as you are not too fast, it's okay.
Well, I hope there isn't a police car around so you don't get a ticket.
She spends her time noticing -- and commenting on -- what everyone in every car around us is doing.  This person is on the phone.  That's bad isn't it?  This person is driving with only one hand on the wheel.  That's bad isn't it?  This person didn't use a turn signal when he turned.  That's bad isn't it?
Oh yeah, all these things will come back to haunt her when she starts driving.  Until then I'll just keep filling my mental filing cabinet with all her favorite sayings.  I want to make sure to repeat them from the back seat when she starts driving.

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