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Back Tracking a Eventful Couple Weeks. Here goes....Two w...

By Accidentalxpert @AccidentalXpert
Back tracking a eventful couple weeks. Here goes....
Two weeks ago this Friday Eli was doodling and drew a gun on his paper. That ended in the principle dismissing him from NME until he was evaluated. Once he was cleared and it was determined he was not a threat to himself or others we were allowed to return the following Monday. On Monday he took a pocket knife to school. We all know how that played out. We spent most of last week dealing with school and therapist. Ugh. I intended to pull him out because it looked like these sorda things were going to become our new norm. We toughed out last week and I allowed him to be searched daily. I realize it's "protocol" but when it's MY child it cuts a bit deep. No pun intended. He's NOT a threat people. He's OCD and uses his little knife to pick at his nails constantly. But, he told you that didn't he. Thank goodness he has a teacher who loves him as if he were her own. The love and appreciation I have for that woman is beyond words. I decided maybe Spring break would give him a break and he's come back and not feel the need to draw guns and bring knives. :)
We have a new reader in the family. Zackary rang the Literacy Bell last Friday. Three cheers for Zackary.
Tuesday I managed to be cussed by two grown men because I'm not a proficient backer uper. I do not take kindly to being cussed and before it was said and done they threaten to call the law on me. REALLY!? To make a long story short.....they had a wide load on a road they had no business on and were upset with me because I couldn't back up in a timely manner to allow them access. I told them where to go and offered to draw them a map of the roads that would safely get them to hell. Why must people be such a arse. Dude slammed on his breaks in the middle of the road like he was gonna jump out and whoop me. I'm not intimidated by anyone. I've had by little tail kicked a few times and I'm not scared of anyone. Least of all some men who think they could push me around with nasty words and the stink eye.'s terribly late and I have nothing spectacular to blog. Hope your week is going well and y'all are getting a much needed break.,

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