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By Danikaherrick @danikaherrick
Morning Lovelies! My back is 80% better and that means time to get cracking! I woke up with a vengence and a crazy to do list.  Originally I was going to be moving my PS Maskros today to my dining room (I still will be), but I got side tracked making coffee and remembering Nicole's amazing poofball coffee filter light.  ADD kicked in and here we go... Back to the Hack It kind of rminds me of lily pads...
Back to the Hack I am considering buying white filters instead, but the dining room is going to very earthy with pops of white so this might just tie it all together...
Back to the Hack
I have a surprise going in the centers.
Check back in a day for the finished light. Have a fab weekend, go pick some apples or something!

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