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Back To The Basics: How To Get Perfect Skin

By Beautyblogger @crowscupcell

Back To The Basics: How To Get Perfect SkinGuest post by Meghan Daaboul, Personal Beauty By Meghan | Photo source: {via}

When you look in the mirror and analyze your skin do you like what you see?  Is your skin smooth, vibrant, or acne free? Well I am here to tell you that the “recipe” to having perfect skin is easier than you think!  It first begins by ditching skin’s #1 enemy: soap!  It’s time to go back to the basics, skincare enthusiasts. No fancy-schmancy products or rocket-science concepts here. Just the core essentials to fabulous skin!

First things first, when choosing skin products it is imperative to pick those specific to your skin type (i.e dry, normal, combo/oily); just like jeans, one size does NOT fit all.  Now we are ready to cook up your perfect skin care regimen!

Step 1:  Cleanse- Cleansing properly removes all the dirt and debris (make-up, dirt from the air outside etc), excess oil, and germs from your face.  Keep in mind that your face does not have to feel dry and tight to be clean (this is why you want to pick the correct line of skin care for your skin type).  Cleansing is a key step, and one that is often overlooked, in getting the perfect skin that you desire!

Begin by wetting your face and in circular motions apply the cleanser.  Rinse with warm (NOT hot) water, or use a wash cloth for more exfoliation.  Then pat dry, never rub your towel harshly over the face.

Step 2: Mask- A mask is a great tool if you want extra exfoliation and deeper cleaning of your pores.  Masks are used only a couple of times a week and are wonderful because depending on your skin type they will either hydrate, deep clean, refine pores or control excess oil allowing your skin to feel renewed and refreshed!

Apply the Mask after you cleanse and leave on for about 10 minutes.  Remove with warm water or with a washcloth.

Step 3: Freshener/Toner- A freshener (also known as a toner) is wonderful if you want an added feeling of clean!  Fresheners are important because, depending on your skin type, they help restore balance, improve texture, hydrate, minimize the appearance of pores and remove excess oils from your skin.  Perfect skin requires the pores to be deep cleaned; and depending on your skin, sometimes a simple cleanse will not do the trick.

Spray the product on a cotton ball and apply to face and neck avoiding the eye and mouth areas.  Use a freshener after you cleanse, or if you are also using a mask, after you have removed the mask.  ALWAYS follow with a moisturizer, even if the freshener says it contains one.

Step 4: Moisturize- Moisturizing leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth and nourished.  It is the icing on the cake to radiant, revitalize, perfect looking skin!  Keep in mind that if you choose to cleanse and not moisturize you may break out because your skin is trying to overcompensate for the lack of moisture in your skin.  This is why I stress please moisturize!

And I would like to take a moment to debunk a common myth I hear all the time from people with oily skin. Contrary to popular belief, you DO need a moisturizer.  Just be sure to find one that is formulated for combo/oily skin and helps control the oil, otherwise your skin will not feel smooth and silky, and you might find your skin feeling even oilier.

Congratulations you have now successfully cooked up your very own perfect skin care regimen!  Using these basics steps will help your skin feel and look amazing!  Be sure to stick with one product line though, due to skin care lines being technologically advanced we wouldn’t want chemical warfare occurring on your face!

Back To The Basics: How To Get Perfect Skin

Meghan Daaboul is a successful beauty consultant, beauty writer, and founder of Personal Beauty by Meghan, a blog where she shares skin care and glamour tips, tricks, and secrets.  “I love helping people, and as a beauty consultant I can help women feel healthy and more beautiful by expanding their understanding of skin care and color application techniques!”  Check her out at

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